NEW: Lawyers as Whistleblowers

Southern Law Network Conference of General Counsel

November 2, 2019

(New Orleans)

“John Dean and Jim Robenalt’s CLE programs have been hailed by attendees across the country as the best CLE in the nation.”

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Nixon victory

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 Featuring Former Nixon White House Counsel John W. Dean


Co-Presented with Lawyer/Presidential Historian Jim Robenalt

 Recent Books

How did John Dean’s Senate testimony in 1973 start a revolution in legal ethics?


The Programs

(3 Hours Ethics and Professionalism)

Classic Watergate CLE. These original series of courses (Watergate I, II and III) explore a lawyer’s ethical obligations when confronted with organizational crime or fraud.

With a generous use of historic video and White House Tapes, we use John Dean’s experience as the ultimate in-house counsel to the most powerful CEO in the world as our case study

Nixon’s Supreme Court. An Inside Look at the Vetting of Supreme Court Candidates (or How the Burger and Rehnquist Courts Shaped the Nation).

From the Nixon White House to Trump Tower, uses materials from The Nixon Court and adds a section on Executive Power under Article II. 

The Mueller Report CLE. Explores the Mueller Report parallels with Watergate and Provides a Deep Dive Into Part II of the Mueller Report dealing with Obstruction of Justice. (Below, John Dean on his way to testify before the House Judiciary Committee on June 11, 2019; Jim Robenalt to his right)

Lawyers as Whistleblowers CLE. John Dean was the ultimate lawyer whistleblower. He acted before Sarbanes-Oxley, before Dodd-Frank, and before the changes in state ethics laws permitting–and sometimes requiring–lawyer disclosure despite the duty of confidentiality of Model Rule 1.6. How did he navigate this terrain?

The Harding CLE. With the 100th anniversary of Warren Harding’s election approaching in 2020, this seminar looks at Harding in the Senate, WWI, the Espionage and Sedition Acts of 1917 and 1918, Harding’s affair with a woman who was followed as a German agent, and then examines Harding as president following the war, Eugene Debs, the First Amendment cases, the pardon of political prisoners and Harding’s accomplishments as president.

Ballots and Bullets CLE.  Robenalt’s 2018 book, Ballots and Bullets, Black Power Politics and Urban Guerrilla Warfare in 1968 Cleveland, inspired a seminar on implicit bias and the history of race violence in America.

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Video Featured in Watergate III: Jonathan Karl, ABC News White House Correspondent, with Bob Woodward and John Dean on Watergate’s “Lost Weekend”


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