Engagement in Russia, Traditions of Russia

Before a Czech bride and groom tie the knot, an infant is placed on the couple’s bed to bless and enhance their fertility. Once they’ve wed, guests shower them with rice, peas, or lentils—also to promote fertility. Centuries ago, England restricted marriage to couples who were 21 and over. But that didn’t stop young lovers from finding a loophole—in this case, a nearby Scottish town without such limitations.

Today, that village, Gretna Green, is still popular for couples who want to elope. On their Wedding Day, the bride and groom attach a padlock, engraved with their names and wedding date, to a bridge or “the Padlock Tree” a… … Because hundreds of years ago, women were considered chattel and the bride’s family used to have to pay off the groom’s family in the form of a dowry to take their daughters off their hands. Tradition dictates that the groom’s family pays for the full cost of the rehearsal dinner, even though the bride’s family and friends attend the event as well.

  • Starting one month in advance, the bride starts to cry for one hour every day.
  • Although several authors reported tensions, sexual looseness, and low manners of the Russian creole communities, family relations were generally cordial and cooperative.
  • If you split up and both parties can’t reach an agreement over how to divide assets, then a court makes a ruling on your behalf.
  • Traditionally, the betrothal is attended by invited relatives and friends who become witnesses of the groom’s giving engagement ring to his bride.
  • Across the street from the cathedral, Olga, 57, was giddily taking photos of the wedding guests as they emerged.
  • Thanks to their value, their men understand that having a Russian woman by your side is priceless.

When a child is born, the young family receives support in the amount of 343,387 rubles (approximately $11,000 in 2010). These families are called многодетные and receive discounts on electricity, gas, water, education and public transport. Traditionally, continue reading https://russiansbride.com/russian-marriage-culture/ the wedding rings were made of gold for the groom and silver for the bride. The traditional ceremony itself lasts about 40 minutes and adheres strictly to the church protocol.

The Romanovs’ later story included a decades-long hunt for the location of the royal family’s remains after the Soviets hid the bodies in a surrounding forest and continued debate over their authenticity once discovered. “Nicholas only had time to say, ‘What?’ before the bullets starting flying,” says Olga Vdovichenko, 32, who guides local tours about the last czarist family. “In an age of ‘cancel culture,’ when everybody in the West tries to forget your own identity — your own history — Russia offers an alternative process,” he added.

Surnames and name-taking after marriage

The night before the wedding, an Italian groom may traditionally throw a surprise party outside his bride-to-be’s window. “La serenata” begins with the groom, backed by musicians, serenading his fiancée.

Unlike Americans, who can easily take the first step in dating men, conquering the heart of Russian beauty is not easy. And even because modern women from Russia are also succeeding professionally, it does not prevent them from fulfilling the responsibilities of a wonderful and self-sufficient wife. Women of Slavic nationality have learned to combine their intelligence and perseverance in the professional field with femininity and caring in the family. The main reason why Americans favor Russian wives is that these girls are not so emancipated. Not every man is ready to accept a feminist with career orientation, not a family. Instead, girls from Russia are more inclined towards their maternal instincts and see their vocation in creating a warm family hearth. The ancient Slavic tradition that a girl should get married as soon as possible also becomes a thing of the past.

The question whether marriage as an institution should be abolished is now being debated all over Russia with a violence and depth of passion unknown since the turbulent early days of the Revolution. Last October a bill eliminating distinctions between registered and unregistered marriages and giving the unmarried consort the status and property rights of the legal wife was introduced in the Tzik, or Central Executive Committee. So much unforeseen opposition to the proposed law developed that the Tzik decided to postpone its final adoption until the next session, meanwhile initiating a broad popular discussion of the project. It must be the best celebration in the new life of all brides and grooms.

They often lay flowers at the war memorial and visit monuments or famous buildings in their town. If you have drunk with Russians before, you’ll know that a ‘toast’ can be a couple of well-wishing sentences, or a lengthy and hilarious anecdote – so it’s always fun to hear what the guests have to say. In Russia, this is called a «медовый месяц», which translates as ‘honey month’.

As they dance, guests throw money at them which is then collected and presented to the newlyweds. In China, a prospective husband will shoot his bride with a bow and (head-less) arrow several times, then collects the arrows and breaks them during the ceremony, to ensure their love lasts forever. The tradition that the bride’s family members pay is derived from the notion of a dowry. In the past, when women weren’t allowed to live on their own, work outside the home, or own property, an unmarried daughter was a considerable burden, especially on families living at or near the subsistence level.

“I wish I had known in advance about the wedding, I would have come earlier to see the event,” she lamented, declining to provide her last name. She said she would favor the type of constitutional monarchy the United Kingdom has, in which the royal family plays a ceremonial role above politics. “The veneration of the royal family is the embodiment of this monarchist attitude that exists in the church,” said Andrei Zolotov, a Russian journalist who has covered the Orthodox Church for three decades. The groom, who is 40, said the wedding was part of a chain of unlikely events that his family could not foresee when he was born in 1981 in Madrid. He is the great-grandson of the cousin of the last Russian emperor, Nicholas II, Grand Duke Kirill Vladimirovich Romanov.

Soviet weddings

Mae Liou earned a BA in philosophy at Boston University and ABD status in philosophy at the University of Illinois at Chicago. An alt-academic and humanities omnivore, she now teaches English, philosophy, film studies, and foreign languages at a school for gifted teenagers. She is currently a SRAS translation intern in St. Petersburg, and she hopes to translate essays and literary prose in the future. Women in Russia are, to some extent, the inaccessible and forbidden fruit that attracts and challenges men. The nuptials took place at St. Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg. Other royals at the two-day affair included Queen Sofia of Spain, Princess Leia of Belgium, and Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, brother of the Emir of Qatar.

The movements of the girl were closely watched by the matchmakers and the groom who evaluated her physical condition. In the end, the groom was supposed to make the decision whether he liked the girl or not. If he drank a glass of honey brought to him by his potential wife, this indicated that he agreed to marry her. After the couple decided to marry, they need to apply to the registry office with a request to get their marriage registered.