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Only 5.3 per cent – 12 out of 225 legislators – in the Sri Lankan Parliament are women and the island-nation ranks 182 out of 193 countries on the Inter-Parliamentary Union . Despite early achievements of producing the first female Prime Minister in the world, the representation of women legislators at the national level has never exceeded 7 per cent throughout Sri Lanka’s electoral history since 1931. In Sri Lanka, women’s labour force participation rate is at a mere 32.5 per cent in comparison to 72.4 per cent for men. Similarly, the youth unemployment rate for women is at 36.3 per cent compared with 21.1 per cent for men. Women’s labour force participation in the country is often compounded by many factors such as the lack of affordable and quality childcare services, lack of support in sharing household work, and some workplace cultures that are not supportive of women employees. The internationally preferred age for marriage is 18 years for both boys and girls. Sri Lanka and Nepal are the only countries in South Asia that have specified a minimum age of 18 at which both boys and girls can legally tie the knot.

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If a woman goes to the police station to make a complaint, the system is such that they don’t often feel safe and protected. Recognizing that women’s access to employment plays a key role in ensuring their security and autonomy, UN Women together with Chrysalis and with support from the Government of Japan has provided over 730 women to build resilient livelihoods. Generally speaking, women in Sri Lanka are responsible for cooking, raising children, and taking care of housework.

Improving the capacity of women activists and peacebuilders to participate in the immediate and longer-term peacebuilding agenda of the country. The WPHF will ensure that a body of knowledge on Women, Peace and Security is developed and utilized for longer-term planning on WPS issues that will address women’s participation, conflict prevention and protection.

  • Locally available jobs are mostly poorly paid and temporary, particularly for women.
  • In 2017, out of the 8.5 million females who were 15 years and above, only 3.1 million females were in the labour force, while only 2.9 million were employed.
  • Plans for a new draft of the Constitution for Parliament’s approval in 2022 present new opportunities to advance women’s political participation.

Being aimed at family is a must if you want to date a lady of this nationality. These women are fond of visiting others and, in turn, they are always glad to invite guests to their place. They frequently organize dinners for friends and relatives and do this with great pleasure. Sri Lankan women try hard to keep their guests comfortable and entertained, and never let them leave their homes hungry. Thanks to this, it is easier to save family ties and maintain good relations with family friends. Moreover, these ladies do their best to maintain good relations with all the other relatives in addition to their husbands and kids.

The participating banks keep the lending momentum to women-led SMEs going by strengthening their banking operations to attract women clients as a new and promising segment for their business growth. Sashi’s family is part of the Tamil minority, and as the bloody violence erupts, each of her brothers is pulled in different ways into the fight.

Feminist Collective Statement on the Sri Lankan Crisis

The Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue works to prevent and resolve armed conflicts around the world through mediation and discreet diplomacy. HD produces a range of resources to help mediators achieve inclusive and sustainable peace.

Supporting female heads of households to overcome COVID-19’s economic toll in Sri Lanka

Over the years, Sri Lanka has made significant progress on gender equality, particularly in terms of free and equal access to education and healthcare. However, with structural barriers and societal norms that perpetuate gender stereotypes and biases, women continue to be underrepresented and discriminated in the economic, political and social spheres. During the High Level Political Forum 2022, Sri Lanka delivered its Voluntary National Review , which was a crucial moment to reflect these realities.

CEO Roundtable: A Gender Equal Future of Work

I remember spending most of my days in the hospital due to various illnesses, diseases and broken bones. Co-hosted by HD and Norway’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Oslo Forum is the premier event for the international mediation and peacemaking community. With the hope to improve their and their family’s quality of life, but instead, they are hired as low-wage workers and trapped in labour exploitation (Women’s Centre, 2022).