The 10 Pioneering Women of Belgium

Between both campaigns, the Belgian female football team adopted the nickname “Belgian Red Flames”. Following the improvements, the RBFA invested in more growth in 2015, targeting qualification for Euro 2017. After a successful start in their qualifications group, the team was invited to play at the 2016 Algarve Cup in Portugal, one of the most prestigious women’s international football events.

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  • A new plan was being discussed now, but it had not yet been adopted, which contemplated broadening the scope to include other forms of violence.
  • Turning to the question of a national human rights institution, the delegation said that consultations had been carried out with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and drafts had been submitted by NGOs.
  • Those included checks against all sorts of discrimination, not just gender discrimination.
  • Belgium ended third in Group A, and won the placement match against Russia with 5–0.

Asylum-seeking women were entitled to receive medical care, at the cost of the Government, which was separate from Belgium’s social security scheme. Migrants could receive medical care in a medical care centre and pharmaceutical costs were also borne by the Government. In Flanders, breast cancer screening numbers had jumped from 35 per cent, in 2001, as recorded in the report, to 45 per cent today, the delegation noted. In the French-speaking community there was also a free breast cancer-screening programme, and girls under 16 could receive free uterine cancer vaccinations. On asylum seekers, the delegation stressed that it was only in cases where the asylum-seeker spoke a very rare language and there was thus no female interpreter available that a male interpreter would be used in the case of a female asylum-seeker. It was thought that that was the better solution, as it took into account the competing need to handle asylum requests promptly and not to delay.

Belgium Women

Despite some Belgian women earning their right to vote in 1919, Belgium was one of the last European countries to acknowledge women’s suffrage and women’sdemands for voting rights. The lag in women’s suffrage was mainly due to early women’s rights advocates such as Marie Popelin and Isala Van Diest, who chose to focus first on improving women’s education and legal equality in Belgium before advocating for equal voting rights. Additionally, during this time, many members of the socialist and liberal parties did not trust women with the right to vote, fearing that women would vote too conservatively and would give their overwhelming support to the Catholic parties under the influence of the priest. However, this proved untrue when women officially received the same voting rights as their male counterparts. The Royal Decree of 11 January 2009 makes Collective Labor Agreement No. 95 of 10 October 2008, established by the National Labor Council, on equal treatment at all stages of the employment relationship, binding in law. Equal treatment implies the absence of discrimination based on several factors, including gender and sexual orientation. The principle of equal treatment must be complied with at every stage of the labor market, e.g., the employment relationship, the conditions for access to employment, conditions for employment, and termination of employment.

1.3.1 Proportion of population above statutory pensionable age receiving a pension. “Belgians invest in women’s game from grassroots up, targeting EURO2017”. As of match played on 6 October 2022Players in bold are still active. The following players have been called up in the past 12 months.

Belgium now had a gamut of resources for addressing complaints of gender discrimination. The Institute was mandated to hear complaints of sexual discrimination; and female workers subject to discrimination based on sex could apply to the Department of Labour. In addition, Belgium had ratified the Optional Protocol to the Convention in June 2004, authorising individuals to make complaints to the Committee. Ms. Fastre also signalled the existence, since 2001, of an anti-discrimination desk for employers and employees in the Brussels-Capital region. In the Flemish region, by virtue of a decree adopted in July 2008, Belgians could lodge complaints at discrimination offices located in 13 towns. As for Wallonia, the Walloon Government had created an advisory Council on Equality between men and Women in 2003.

In concluding remarks, Ms. Fastre hoped that Belgium had been able to convince the Committee that they were applying the Convention throughout the country in an equal way, despite the federal nature of the country. Article 10 of the Constitution lays down the basic principle of equality and explicitly guarantees equality between men and women. Article 11 provides the legal basis for the adoption of legislation ensuring that there is no discrimination, while Article 11bis ensures equal access to elected mandates and public mandates. You can click on any player from the roster on the right and see his personal information such as nationality, date of birth, height, preferred foot, position, player value, transfer history etc.

The Court held that, in accordance with the law of 28 January 2003 on domestic violence, the family home was to be assigned to the victim of such violence as no exceptional circumstances existed here to decide otherwise, despite an alleged imbalance in the financial means of the parties. The request by the wife for a maintenance allowance to cover the husband’s rent was rejected because the husband did not prove that the wife had a higher income and that the divorce proceedings would likely lead to financial compensation by the wife to the husband for the use of the family house.

Regarding trafficking, on 17 November 2005, Belgium adopted Convention No. 197 on the struggle against trafficking in human beings of the Council of Europe and the process of ratification is under way. Belgium also ratified the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of Children, with regard to the sale of children, prostitution of children, and pornography portraying children, in 2006. At the national level, the previous law of 1995 containing provisions regarding the suppression of the trafficking in human beings and of child pornography has been replaced by the law of 10 August 2005. The first objective of this law is to bring legislation into conformity with European and international provisions, specifically the two additional protocols to the Convention of the United Nations against transnational organized crime. The new charge of trafficking in human beings has been substantially modified, placing the emphasis not only on the notion of the abuse of the victim, but on exploitation. This law also introduces various aggravating circumstances and modifies the punishments, due to the gravity of the crime of trafficking in human beings.

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In line with the Gender Law, differences and positive action are only allowed under strict conditions and if justified by a legitimate aim. Victims, as well as the Centre for Equal Opportunities and Combatting Discrimination and Racism created by the Law of 15 February 1993, can take legal action. If the plaintiff produces facts that indicate that there has been discrimination, the burden of proof is on the defendant to demonstrate that there was no discrimination. Live scores service at Sofascore livescore offers sports live scores, results and tables. Live score on livescore is automatically updated and you don’t need to refresh it manually.

Sweden’s last-gasp Euros quarterfinal win: sign of resilience or vulnerability?

This historic qualification was made possible in part by the performance of Belgian goalkeeper Nicky Evrard, who saved two penalties in the first two games . Belgium faced Sweden in the quarter-finals to, the winner of group C and silver medalist at the Olympic games in Tokyo.

As for statistics on domestic violence, the delegation said that there were no statistics on the 2007 law on domestic partner violence. Turning to the question of a national human rights institution, the delegation said that consultations had been carried out with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and drafts had been submitted by NGOs. Among further questions and issues raised by Experts were whether special measures were possible under both Belgian federal law and in the regions. A recurring concern of Experts was the issue of coordination between the actions taken at the regional and community level with federal plans and policies. How did the Government ensure that their gender plans and policies were implemented throughout the country? Here, it was noted that there was also a lack of information on the German-speaking communities.